Our Social Responsibility pillar, includes activities in the area of donations, sponsorships, volunteering and corporate leadership.

We certainly receive and gain a lot from our publics.  But we have the obligation and responsibility to give back to our society in return.  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing the results of your actions towards making this world a little better.

Our Social Responsibility plans focus mostly on support towards people and groups in need of assistance.  Whether this is financial, medical, psychological or otherwise.

We promote volunteering activities that our people get involved as much as possible.

Our yearly plans may include:

  • Corporate leadership actions that focus on sharing our knowledge and experiences with our stakeholders by organising and offering free access to events, publications, surveys etc.
  • Volunteering activities to support environmental and health/safety issues, helping as wide as possible social groups and at the same time offering personal development to our volunteers.
  • Charity actions including donations and sponsorships as well as fund-raising actions.
  • Offering pro-bono professional services to charity associations.
  • Motivating our people to engage in community organisations.
  • Offering awards to university students and trainee accountants.