Valued professionals know more today than they knew yesterday and will learn even more tomorrow!

Their importance to the labour market and their standing within an organisation is determined, not by academic achievement, but by their continuous development of practical skills and techniques, and by their understanding of the latest most updated professional knowledge.

The Baker Tilly EIMF Academy has a very clear goal. Its overall purpose is to offer every possible opportunity for professionals to increase their proficiency and enhance their value as specialists within today’s competitive labour market.

It aims to help develop knowledge, skills, competences and expertise that will assist both individual growth and help organisations to enhance, grow and retain their most valued talents.  The Baker Tilly EIMF Academy will empower years of expertise in both education and industry to provide organisations across sectors and geographical locations with the ultimate premium learning experiences.

The Baker Tilly EIMF Academy has all the means to achieve its mission.  With a highly experienced team dedicated to professional learning and development it brings vast experience, innovation, the latest best practices and the highest of standards.  Subject-matter experts share knowledge attained through years of working within leading international organisations whilst our client focus remains our greatest asset.

The Baker Tilly EIMF Academy offers a unique strategic approach to learning that requires both the learning experts and the business to align their thinking. Successful organisations worldwide are continuously changing, requiring that personal and professional development encompass the latest knowledge, most up-to-date practices, competences and skill, including the mindset of the subject-matter experts who deliver and share knowledge and engage professionals in the learning experience.  Companies have their own characteristics; by working in collaboration with organisations the best solutions can be identified to secure the greatest positive impact for the business.

The Baker Tilly EIMF Academy truly understands the importance of combining practical subject-matter expertise with an engaging delivery to ensure that ultimate learning is achieved. The effectiveness of our training programmes is largely attributed to this precise combination and the training professionals undergo a rigorous selection process and criteria to secure this vital recipe, that combines specific subject knowledge with a proven track record, delivery experience, an engaging delivery style, the quality of support material as well as audience feedback.

The Baker Tilly EIMF Academy appreciates the various needs of both individuals and organisations and offers training and development courses in a variety of styles to ensure that the best learning is achieved.  Training delivery styles include face-to-face (classroom), Live Online, In-house (Customized), eLearning-Self Paced and Self-Study.

The expert team of the Baker Tilly EIMF Academy is here to advise and support individuals and organisations every step of their learning journey, through an array of learning solutions and with passion and dedication.

About Baker Tilly South East Europe and the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

Baker Tilly South East Europe, operating under a unified structure, directed by a single, central management team, operating through 7 offices in 5 countries by 17 directors and more than 300 professionals, is an independent member of Baker Tilly International.

Baker Tilly International is one of the world’s leading networks, uniting independent companies to provide top-quality professional services in both international and regional markets. Baker Tilly International supports network members through training, conferences and training projects that help each firm deliver services using international resources and expertise.

At Baker Tilly, we are ready now, for tomorrow’s challenges. We believe in the power of great relationships. We lead and listen for great conversations. We channel change into progress for great futures.

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is a leading provider of premium courses, professional and executive education, eLearning and tailored learning solutions with a strong emphasis on the financial and professional services sector.

EIMF offers professionals a comprehensive course, seminars, workshops and certification programs covering a wide range of issues, including regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, risk management, administration and leadership, accounting, banking, taxation, legal and consulting services.

With over 5 thousand students per year, 250+ seminars, 75+ web programmes, 60+ instructors with international experience and expertise, 15 international certifications and activity in 10+ countries, EIMF is a leader in the field of vocational education in the wider region.

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