We provide services of the highest standard to add value to their business, these including:

a. Project management
As your single point of contact, we can ensure that all the necessary actions are taken and followed through, in order to establish an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF).

b. Fund Licensing
By choosing the correct structure and type of AIF, depending on your needs, we can prepare and submit the application for the fund registration until it is approved by the Regulating Authority.

c. External/Internal Audit Services
We perform the Annual Statutory Audit and Interim Review of the Financial Statements prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) of the fund, along with Internal Audit Services in line with necessary compliance and regulatory reporting. This also includes periodic review of the fund’s internal processes and procedures.

d. Tax consulting
We can consult on much needed tax planning matters, during which the fund is established.

e. Business, Risk & Corporate Services
Our trusted professional associates will undertake all required functions of the AIF, along with the following services:

• Fund Administration Services:
o Regulatory & Reporting Compliance
o Fund Accounting & Net-Asset Valuations
• Secretarial & Register Office Services
• AML Compliance & Risk Management Services

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