Our integrated ESG offering

Via our ESG Centre of Excellence, we offer full service offering with specialists able to support you through the entire ESG spectrum.

Strategy and implementation

To ensure adoption and success of an ESG program, it’s critical to align an ESG vision to your organization’s existing strategy and purpose. Establishing and communicating this foundation will allow your organization to be authentic in its actions, avoid “greenwashing” and align the roadmap to core business objectives.

We’ll work alongside your organization to develop your strategic roadmap and support, monitor and control all aspects of the implementation. Specialists will help answer many strategy-defining questions by:

  • Educating board and senior leadership members on sector-specific trends
  • Performing AS-IS situation assessments and analysing current activities
  • Undertaking market research to understand what competitors and companies in your value chain are doing in the ESG area that will have an impact on your business
  • Prioritizing ESG focus areas that will impact you
  • Assisting with materiality assessments and surveys among stakeholders

Readiness and assurance

In this phase of the ESG journey, we’ll provide a forward-looking and industry-fluent approach to help your organization address emerging risks and opportunities and streamline processes through identifying source data and internal controls that support your sustainability objectives.

  • Assurance readiness: Readiness assessments are a key pre-assurance activity that will help your company identify gaps in your ESG programme’s data, governance and controls, as well as reporting procedures.
  • Disclosure readiness: In the near future, many companies will likely be required to disclose ESG and sustainability related risks. To ensure compliance with EU and international regulatory requirements, we will review current voluntary EG disclosures, identify gaps in reporting them, design processes for data collection, implement quality review controls and monitor and assess the execution of controls.

Reporting and communications

With a volatile landscape, the process of monitoring, managing, and continuously advancing ESG projects is ongoing. We can support you in the continuous journey by creating custom dashboard solutions, assisting with reporting and communication development, and by monitoring any changes to ESG regulation requirements.

It is important for companies to share their ESG story and communicate progress transparently with stakeholders. We will work with you to create meaningful messages around your ESG vision, progress, and metrics by organizing, laying out and writing your ESG or sustainability report. We will focus on ensuring any reporting and/or communications to both internal and external stakeholders are consistent with your strategy, where you are in your ESG journey, the selected ESG framework, and the current environment.

Our approach to maximising value

Although ESG is gaining traction, the landscape is still changing, making it difficult to assess, implement and manage programs within an organization. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing ESG efforts or just getting started, we’ll meet you where you are.

Once we have a picture of your organization, culture, and strategy, we will work with you to develop an ESG foundation, point of view and guiding principles that focus on the elements that matter most to you and your stakeholders. We will then establish a framework, goals and metrics, policies and governance-related documents, and guide you through regulatory compliance and sustainability reporting for your stakeholders.

We meet forward-thinking companies where they are on their ESG journey, to develop industry-focused strategies that align with their vision. We remain by their side every step of the way, from inception to implementation and ongoing monitoring.