Your organisation needs the time and resources of your people to contribute towards the achievement of its objectives. Payroll management is a time consuming activity and if this burden is removed then your company’s people will focus on the company’s core business and fee earning activities.

More than 150 companies in Cyprus and in Greece employing collectively more than 16.000 people have entrusted their payroll function to Baker Tilly allowing us to be familiar with every single aspect of the payroll function. We have experiences from very simple up to very complex companies structures and payment schemes.

We invest in people of the highest caliber always trying to develop their skills and encourage them to participate in the success of the company. Our professional staff is fully dedicated to the delivery of the most cost efficient and effective services to our clients.

They are fully dedicated to the jobs assigned to them and they accurate implement everything in line with what was agreed with the clients. We employ specialized people in every single area which may have to do with Payroll such as relevant Law, Social Insurance and Income Tax Legislations.

We can provide services throughout the whole procedure of administering and processing payroll and the same time being in line with all prevailing laws and regulations

  • Fast and reliable data processing and preparation of payroll reports covering all deductions and contributions per employee special tax
  • Update the local authorities for any changes in the number and the personal information of the employees i.e. new employees, employees leaving the company
  • Preparation of monthly pay slips for each employee
  • Preparation of the bank transfer report for the payment of salaries through the bank
  • Timely preparation and submission of annual tax returns, e.g. Employer’s return (IR7 form), employee’s certificate of emoluments (IR63 form)
  • Preparation of the payments to the Social Insurance, Inland Revenue and any other local authorities
  • Compliance with statutory filing deadlines
  • Detailed payroll cost analysis, tailored to your requirements (salaried staff, day laborers, hourly rates), by geographical area, cost centre, department, business unit etc
  • Registering your company as an employer to all the relevant government authorities
  • Accurate and timely preparation of the payroll journal for accounting purposes
  • Review of PAYE assessments and filing of objections where necessary
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