The successful roll-out of a technology-led business transformation strategy requires focused investments and flawless execution. Our Strategic Procurement & Sourcing Solutions enable our customers to design and implement a sourcing approach that delivers enhanced business value, agility and cost optimization. Within this context, we work with our customers to build and deliver their desired future state objectives through structured technology architectures, efficient and effective vendor management frameworks and technology selection processes which are customized to meet business-specific imperatives.

Business Process Analysis & Optimisation

A procurement or sourcing strategy can only be effective if an organization has a 360-degree view of their operational routines and processes. To this end, this work package is designed to codify the organisation’s mega and major business processes and decompose them down to the respective procedural steps that facilitate achievement of operational routines and objectives.

We have helped numerous organisations understand and constructively challenge themselves and their processes; achieve cost savings and other operational efficiencies; and support multiple related initiatives such as new system implementations, GDPR compliance, successful tender processes and effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities.

Technology & Vendor Selection Solutions

In today’s technology-driven environment, organisations are constantly bombarded with ideas and offerings relating to numerous technologies and products. Selecting what is appropriate, relevant and necessary for the organization to meet its core objectives is very often a challenging – and in several cases costly – task.

Our technology selection methodologies have been successfully tested in industries such as Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Insurance, Investment Management, FMCG, Forex, Logistics & 3PL and many others. We offer a full procurement lifecycle approach which incorporates drafting business and technical requirements, identifying suitable international and local vendors to invite for evaluation, issuing and running the full tender process, negotiating with shortlisted vendors across financial and project implementation aspects and delivering a fully vetted solution and contract for our customers to approve.

Contract Negotiations

We offer a highly specialized approach in negotiating (or renegotiating) contracts with 3rd party vendors in terms of their operational and service delivery aspects, and their financial structures and arrangements. The core value drivers in these projects stem from cost efficiencies that we can extract; material risk reductions from avoidance of operational challenges that are so often embedded in contracts; and transparency in charges and commitments of our customers.

Program & Project Management

Once an implementation contract has been signed, the even bigger challenge of execution comes into play. Our team boasts an amazing wealth of experience in large scale program and project management, for customers of multiple complexity and industries. Following structured and highly effective project management methodologies, techniques and tools, we undertake the role of the Program Director and Project Manager on behalf of our customers and work collaboratively with the internal and vendor teams to deliver the agreed project objectives and deliverables, within budget and to the agreed timetable.

Our experience spans the entire project implementation lifecycle including business architecture design, technology considerations, specification and requirements definition, testing strategies and their effective execution and Go Live planning and realization.

Strategic Procurement Consulting

These solutions are focused in extracting additional value from existing supply chain management processes and relationships. Such value is typically derived from service delivery and quality enhancements, cost efficiencies or both. Our techniques include renegotiation of existing supplier contracts, design and execution of tender processes and business process reengineering and optimization. Of extreme importance to us, is the simultaneous preservation, nurturing and enhancement of vendor relationships and strategic partnerships with such key stakeholders in our customers’ business.

partnerships with such key stakeholders in our customers’ business.

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